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Mantralaya attestation for the authentication of documents

What is attestation?Attestation is a process that requires authentication of the documents with a specific purpose of going abroad for getting an employment or pursuing higher studies there. The Mantralaya attestation is a process in a process in which the person has to get his or her all documents to be duly attested by the Maharashtra State Government.

What do you mean by Attestation of HRD?

Attestation of the documents requires to be passed through various phases and getting them authenticated from the Human Resource Department is one of the vital phases of this verification process. The Mantralaya office checks all the contents of the certificate and also checks its genuineness.

What is MEA?

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is the agency of the central government who checks the seal and signature of the State government on the certificates and verified it accordingly. The MEA attestation process requires around 4 to 5 days.  The fee of Rs 50 is to be paid for the attestation process.

What is Embassy?

Embassy is the country’s diplomat that checks whether the person is illegible to enter their country from their native country or not. The attestation of documents from the Embassy office is the final step. Every country has their own embassy fee that can be paid either in person or through money order.

 Why we need this attestation?

The attestation of the documents is required to guarantee that the certificate that an individual possess are the real one and all the contents contained in it are genuine. For going abroad for any of the purpose, the attestation of the documents required by the organization is very necessary.

How can I get attestation?

One can get their certificates attested with a proper procedure to be followed from the State government to the Embassy office. The State officials initially verify the seal and signature of the designation on the certificate and then, are being attested by the Central government t department and then at last, the embassy office authenticates it for entering their country for any sole purpose.

Why we choose IMTS Attestation?

IMTS Attestation provides the most reliable services for the whole process of attestation for any kind of documents and the prices are much affordable including all the attestation fees in each of the phase.
Can I directly go to cross check attestation?
Attestation can be done by the individual itself only at the last final step of Embassy attestation; otherwise, one has to get all the work done through the consulates with the specified amount of fees to be paid to them. 

Who are attestation officers?

The Attestation officers are the one who authenticates your required documents in the HRD, GAD, MEA and SDM department.
What are the documents needed for the certificate Attestation?
The documents required for the attestation of the documents are:
•    Original document to be attested
•    Passport copy of the candidate
•    Visa copy of the candidate
•    Passport size photographs
•    Application that states the reason for the attestation of the documents.

What is the process to pay?
One can make the payment for the attestation in Cash, Online Mode (NEFT, PayU),Cheque to IMTS institute.
How to get back my documents?
One can collect the attested documents directly from the head office of IMTS located in Noida Sector 3, or else IMTS can send the attested documents on your postal address via courier.

What If I am not in India?
If the person is not in India then they can send their original documents on our postal address and mail us the detail of the attestations required. We will get the attestation done on their behalf and send the attested documents to them via courier.
Warning:"Beware of Duplicate or Fake Attestation on your Original Certificates" A wrong decision of hand over your original documents to an unknown agent may cause you a Huge Loss!!!


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